Abbreviation To Make Public Speaking More Cool

Abbreviation To Make Public Speaking More Cool

Abbreviation To Make Public Speaking More Cool – Incorporating slang words in public speaking is one of the pull factors, this word abbreviation can make you more slang and more popular.

Shorter words in a sentence can make you sound like a foreigner or a native. Not only that, the abbreviations commonly used in English are also mostly used by cool and slang kids.

So, what are the words in English that can be shortened to make speaking faster? Here are some of them you need to know.

1. Is not you short to ain’t

You can actually use to be which has a note affixed to it, both in writing and pronunciation. If are not can be shortened to aren’t, then is not can be shortened to ain’t. Example:

“She is not hungry” can be shortened to “She ain’t hungry”.

2. So even has a note which can be shortened to ain’t

In addition to to be in the form of ‘are’ and ‘is’, you can also short to be ‘has’ which has the affix ‘not’ with the same pronunciation as the abbreviation ‘is not’, namely ain’t. Example:

“He has not done it yet” can you short it to “He ain’t done it yet”.

3. In the sentence “I want a”, you can short want and a to be wanna

Have you ever heard someone say ‘wanna’? This word is actually an abbreviation of ‘want’ and ‘a’, which means to want. For example:

“I want a coffe” can you short be “I wanna coffe”.

4. The mention of what have you can also be abbreviated as whatcha

To speed up speaking, you can also abbreviate the question words consisting of what, have, and you, to become whatcha. Example:

“What have you got there?” shortened to “Whatcha got there?”.

5. You can also pronounce a lot of short as a lotta

The pronunciation of ‘a lot of’ in a sentence can also be shortened to a lotta. The meaning of this word remains the same and does not change, namely a large number of objects or people. Example:

“I eat a lot of chocolate” can be shortened to “I eat a lotta chocolate”.

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6. You can say tell’em if you want to say tell themc

To say the word tell them in a conversation, you can also shorten it to tell’em. Although it hasn’t changed much, this abbreviation is quite well-known and is often used by many people. Examples of use:

“We should tell them the truth” is shortened to “We should tell’em the truth”.

7. To speed up speaking, change the pronunciation I’m going to become I’mma

Apart from tell’em, this acronym is also quite well known and widely used. Because, apart from being brief, saying I’mma can also make you sound cool and slang. Example:

“I’m going to talk to my mother” is shortened to “I’m going to talk to my mother”.