Leaks of Public Speaking from Experts

Leaks of Public Speaking from Experts

Leaks of Public Speaking from Experts – The ability in public speaking is very important in life, but not everyone has the courage to do public speaking.

The ability to communicate is very important, but not everyone has the courage to do public speaking. The tendency of the millennial generation to be facilitated by devices and technology to some extent affects their ability to communicate interpersonal.

1. Learn and practice because public speaking requires hours of flying

The theory of public speaking is usually obtained from a variety of sources, from the internet to taking classes. However, the theory that is learned must be accompanied by practice.

Practicing in public speaking is very necessary because the more often you practice it you will get used to it and be able to control yourself. On the first try, it was not uncommon for public speakers to have an unpleasant experience and quite cringe worthily. But make it an experience and keep learning.

2. Control fear by knowing what or who will be faced

Most people are afraid to speak in public because they don’t know what they are getting into. When in public speaking you have to know what your audience is like.

Even though you already know the audience, sometimes the nervousness doesn’t go away, and that’s a natural thing. Only how can you control it and convert that energy, this can be learned and there is knowledge.

3. Dare to speak, not good at speaking

When he was in school, Indra always paid attention to his school children who were good at socializing, and from that he concluded that these children had one thing in common, namely daring to speak.

Dare to speak is the first step in public speaking. If you have the courage to speak coupled with learning and practicing, your public speaking skills will naturally continue to develop.

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4. Know what one gets by mastering public speaking

Not knowing and feeling the benefits of public speaking usually makes people reluctant and instead stays away. Even though there are many benefits, you know, such as making you think more critically, improving self-quality and self-confidence as experienced by Indra Herlambang.

“In my personal opinion, because I have passed away from not being able to speak, I don’t dare to appear until I can’t stop talking so I know what the joy is when we master public speaking,” said Indra Herlambang.

5. Change the mindset about public speaking

The mindset also plays an active role, try to change the scary picture of public speaking and an obligation into something fun. With this public speaking, you can open up opportunities to meet people and opportunities for those people to get to know us.

“Even if we change our mindset to, ‘it’s really exciting meeting people, I’ll share my experience, then I’ll ask them,’ that’s really different,” said Nadia Mulya.